Wedding Invitations

Start planning your wedding as early as possible. By doing this you will have plenty of time to shop around for the best deals on flowers, dresses, venues, music, photographers, cakes, entertainment, invitations and catering.

Wedding Invitations Online

When ordering wedding invitations, make sure that you always order a few more then you are expecting to mail out. When you will be writing the invitations you might realize that you should have had someone on the list but did not. When ordeing wedding invitations online, look out for great templates available.  Also, some sites let you custom design your ideal Wedding invitations.  Either way, check to see if you can get samples before ordering a large amount.  

Wedding Invitations Ideas

Since it costs quite a bit to have them printed, it is good to just have them handy.  Make your own wedding invitations or have a relative or friend do it.  More than likely you have a budding artist in you circle of acquaintances that would love to try their hand as some hand made paper invitations.  Chicago also has great stores where you can go, see, and feel all wedding invitations.  They give great help and even better ideas.

Wedding Invitations

Maybe another friend does calligraphy? Ask them to help. That's what friends are for!  When you create your wedding invitations, include a line on the RSVP card for the guest to include a song they'd like to hear at your reception. This way, you'll ensure that you play music your guests will want enjoy, and they will be excited to hear the song they chose.  If you have a huge list of wedding invitations to write out, do not do them all in one sitting. Make sure to make time to break them up over a few days. If you do too many in one day, then the writing on the last ones will start to look pretty bad.