Who will be photographing our event?
Your event will always be photographed by Gia as the main photographer.
How long will the photographer be present?
We work on a full day schedule (up to 10 hours.)
How many photos will be taken on my wedding day?
Normally, on a regular full day wedding, including gettin ready, ceremony, reception and wedding party photos, there will be about 1100-1400 photos.
Who owns the copyrights to the photos?
The photographer as well as the client own the copyrights.
When will I receive the photos after the wedding?
On a regular wedding season, it will take roughly 3 weeks for you to get your photos, edited and in high resolution.
Is there a deposit due at signing of the contract and when is the final payment due?
There is a 10% deposit due when signing the contract. And the final payment is due on the wedding day.
What type of equipment does the photographer use?
We use Canon equipment for the camera and lenses and flashes, and Elinchrom for the lighting equipment.