Engagement Photos Ideas


Engagement Photos Ideas refer more to the locations of the photographs.  The most important thing is to figure out which place represents you best.  If you're from out-of-town, we suggest photos with the wonderful city of Chicago as a backdrop, if you live here, then the best place is the one where you're most comfortable.  chicago_engagement_photography_02m     chicago_engagement_photography_36m

If you're a big baseball fan, we could do a baseball themed photoshoot at one of the baseball fields, if you love to exercise in the park, then the park would be great. 

The best photographs are where you're at ease and where you feel free to be yourself.  When you're not comfortable it shows in the photos right away, and we don't want that.  We want you to look your best and therefore your photographs will look there best.

Engagement Photographs differ from couple to couple.  Normally we photograph in a very photojournalistic way and very candid.  We let you be yourself, as if we weren't even there, and then capturing the moment as it happens.

If, however, you need some guidance, we will be more than happy to give it to you.  There are poses that look very candid, but are controlled and staged, which takes the stress out of you, and still end up with a great look.

chicago_engagement_photography_16m     chicago_engagement_photography_18m

Some couples are very tense and anxious during the photoshoot, especially in the beginning, and that's when we come in with a little direction.  In the end all photographs are at their best quality and you finish up with magnificent photos for your save the date, invitations, or just portraits.

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